Life Priorities

"Don't put off until tomorrow, what can be done today" -B. Franklin 

We tend to find reasons (which are really excuses) of why we are not doing a specific task right away. Even though we feel it is important to get started, procrastination overcomes us and we end up putting it aside. 

Your life priorities form the key ingredient to a healthy and prosperous life, and as such, they need the attention necessary to be fulfilled. 

What are your goals? Your ambitions? What would you work on today, if there were no restrains? 

Below you will find a list of services I help my clients with. The list is not inclusive, and my services go beyond just a simple order taking. We work together throughout the process to find your short term to long term priorities, and formulate a strategy to get there. 

You may feel you are not ready to get started, but a conversation with me, may give you an objective perspective of your situation. Schedule your complementary financial check-up, so you can see how we can truly get going with it today!

o   Cash Flow and Budgeting
o   Income Sources
o   Expenses and Budgeting
o   Debt Management
o   Planned Large Expenses
o   Emergency Fund
o   Mortgage Review
o   Lines of Credit
o   Insurance and Risk Management
o   Review of Existing Policies
o   Life Insurance
o   Long Term Care
o   Disability
o   Asset Protection
o   Liability
o   Health
o   Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance
o   Investment Planning
o   Portfolio Review
o   Asset Allocation
o   Short, Intermediate and/or Long Term Investments
o   Retirement Planning
o   Life Priorities
o   Annuities
o   IRAs
o   Employer Sponsored Plans
o   Social Security and Medicare
o   RMDs and Withdrawal Strategy
o   Business Planning
o   Employer Sponsored Plans
o   Self-Employed Retirement Plans
o   Key-Employee Insurance
o   Buy-Sell Agreements
o   Estate Planning
o   Wills
o   Trusts
o   Power of Attorneys
o   Estate Taxes
o   Charitable Gifting
o   Assistance to Loved Ones
o   Education Planning
o   529 Savings Plans
o   Roth IRAs for Children
o   Caring for Elderly
o   Gifting

List not Inclusive

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